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Teach Photosynthesis with a 3D Tree Leaf Model - FREEBIE

This morning I was feeling motivated and decided to create a model to help students understand photosynthesis a little bit better.  I think the end product came out really well.  The 3D tree leaf model can be used in a variety of different classes.  In my school we will use it in 7th grade as a supporting project for our photosynthesis unit, and in 8th grade as a review station for our state science test.


There is quite a bit of cutting for this model but you can definitely finish it in a 45-min class period if the students are on task.  My suggestion would be to allow about 15 minutes to cuts out all of the pieces and then put together the model as a class using an overhead camera or the completed images that come with the templates.  I also feel like this could be valuable time that you could be reinforce concepts on photosynthesis.


Not to worry…I’ve also included a black and white template so that you can copy the templates for your classes.   You don’t think that my school lets me run 275 color copies do you?!

You can download the 3-D Leaf Model here or grab it over at my TPT store.


I’d love to hear some feedback about it either here in the comments or on TPT.  Enjoy the activity!

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