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Kesler Science Alignment Guides

Middle school science teachers from every state use Kesler Science resources. Use the alignment guides below to find the Kesler Science materials that meet your standards. Find the materials that directly align with TEKS or NGSS standards, or see the materials sorted by topic. These alignment guides link directly to the Kesler Science Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Kesler Science Materials
sorted by TEKS

These guides are sorted according to the Texas middle school science standards.


Kesler Science Materials
sorted by NGSS

These guides are sorted according to the NGSS for middle school.


Kesler Science Materials
sorted by Topic

100+ science concepts sorted by topics like atoms, the universe, and body systems.

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Current Kesler Science Members should use the alignment guides below. Members, sign in to your Dashboard and click on the link to access your materials from these guides.

Kesler Science Alginment Guides

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