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  • Middle School 5E Lesson: Complete 2-week lesson covering plant and animal cells
  • 5th Grade 5E Lesson: Complete 2-week lesson covering living vs nonliving components in an ecosystem
  • 4th Grade 5E Lesson: Complete 2-week lesson covering the meaning of "life cycle" with examples in plants and insects
  • Escape Room: Plate Tectonics escape room
  • Amazing Anchors: A two-part resource on Albino Redwoods that bookends your lesson and is available in print or digitally
  • Board Game: A printable Chemistry board game format designed to keep the students engaged
  • Graphs, Charts, & Tables: Builds graphing skills with phenomenon-based connections with Fossil Records and Kinetic and Potential Energy
  • Lesson Extensions: Provide early finishers the chance to dive deeper with the Components of The Universe Extension, filled with fun and creative activities
  • Inquiry Labs: Leveled inquiry lab that covers competition for resources in an ecosystem
  • Spangler Phenomenon Lessons: Hands-on, leveled investigation about water and heat
  • STEM Challenge: Real-world STEM challenge relating to natural selection
  • Spangler STEM Starters: A high-interest, no-prep SICK! Science video from Steve Spangler on creating Bubble Snakes
  • Station Lab: Student-led station lab about the H-R Diagram
  • Science Reading Comprehension: Leveled reading passage and activity about electric cars
  • Warm-Ups: Two weeks of warm-ups
  • Interactive Notebook Sampler: A sample of best-selling interactive notebook templates which now includes digital options
  • Sub Plans: A comprehensive sub plan about food webs
  • WIKI Tickets© Formative Assessments: Nine quick, fun formative assessments
  • Writing Prompts: A newspaper writing prompt about organization in an ecosystem available in both paper and digital versions

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