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New Membership Webinar Videos

Membership Full Overview

This is a 15-minute overview of all the powerful features of the new membership. There's also contact information provided by our Support Team for any and all questions you might have!

The Kesler Science Membership is available on a brand-new platform: Notebook from PocketLab. All the downloadable and printable resources you know and love from the original Membership are still included in the Core Membership, plus the new Pro upgrade adds student-facing lessons with rostering and feedback. Check out the videos below or visit the Membership Page for more information.

Kesler Core vs. Kesler Pro Access

This video will give you an overview of how the Core and Pro Memberships compare. 


Navigating Kesler Science on Pocketlab Notebook

Having trouble locating your favorite resources? Not quite sure what we have to offer? This tutorial will give information on how to search through resources on the new Membership. 

Where are the Lessons Located?

So you've found your favorite standard or a collection that you want to teach - now where are the lessons? The video will show you the details of finding and accessing the perfect learning activity for your students. 

5E Method on the New Platform


In this video, Ali explains where to find all the elements of the 5E Lessons in this 33-minute overview.

The Demo Lessons


In this video, Ali explains the components of the new Demo Lessons in this 16-minute overview.
access every resource.

Kesler Science Membership

Imagine never having to search for another middle school science lesson again. The membership gives you access to ALL of the Kesler Science products in one place (Yes, including everything above).

Say goodbye to long hours of lesson prep.

Download Over $100 in FREE Resources
For Middle School Science

Simply create a login below and gain immediate access to a selection of our Kesler Science product line worth $100 - for FREE.  There's a full version of every product type! You'll also join tens of thousands of middle school science teachers who receive timely tips and strategies straight to their inbox.