At Kesler Science, our mission is to connect science teachers with relatable, engaging materials and experiences. This mission includes helping teachers with the purchase process. That’s where the Sales Team can help you. It’s easier than you’d think to have all the Kesler Science classroom resources at your fingertips with no out-of-pocket cost to you! 

I’m Kathleen Malooly, the Accounts Manager at Kesler Science. The Sales team is in daily contact with teachers and administrators who would like to get their school or district to pay for their Memberships. The two most common problems that teachers face in this process are: 

  • getting their administrator on board with the purchase
  • making sure that Kesler Science is a registered vendor with their district

Fear not! Today I’m sharing some tips you can use to make the whole process as easy as 1-2-3!

Share the Value of Kesler Science with Your Administrator

Administrators don’t always have time to vet prospective resources for their teachers, especially at the beginning of the year – but you can do it for them! We have found the following steps helpful in assuring administrators that Kesler Science resources are both comprehensive and teacher-approved. Plus, we offer volume and multi-year discounts so your school can save money in the long run. That’s always a hit! 

Download our Alignment Guides

Administrators want to know that any new curriculum will align to your state’s standards. Our Complete 5E Lesson Plans are 100% aligned to both the TEKS and NGSS standard sets. If your state follows standards other than NGSS or TEKS, we still have at least 90% of your state standards covered. You will also find that, in addition to our 5E Lessons, our Inquiry Labs, Explories units, and STEM Challenges pair especially well with the NGSS 3-Dimensional Learning model.

  You can download our Alignment Guides here.

Download the Kesler Science Catalog

Our catalog is a great way to show your admin the wide range of products included in the Membership! Print it out or just forward the PDF in an email.

  You can download the Kesler Science Catalog here.

Give Them the Administrator Information Letter

Teachers love their Kesler Science Membership and they love telling us about it even more! We have a Membership information sheet that you can share directly with your administrator. It includes an overview of the membership as well as testimonials and data gains made by teachers using our products.   You can download the Admin Membership Info Letter here.

Take Advantage of Free Trials for Administrators 

We understand that making an investment into a curriculum without seeing it first can be daunting, so we are happy to give administrators and department chairs free two-week trials of our Membership so they can take a look before approval. Just contact to ask about complimentary administrator trials.

Ask your school to purchase your Kesler Science Membership... and find your happy place.

Is Kesler Science a Registered Vendor in Your District?

Once your administrator agrees with you about the value of the Kesler Science curriculum, don’t get stalled out by the next step in the purchasing process. Your needs are our expertise! Let us help you.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

If you are unsure about the specific process for your school or district, your office manager or bookkeeper is usually your best resource. All you need to do is ask them if there is an approved vendor list and see if Kesler Science is listed there. If so, you are good to go! At that point, you just request a quote from us and submit it to your purchasing department. If we are not already on the list, the following steps will get us there.

Vendor Applications

We are more than happy to do the research and paperwork required to become a vendor with your district. Often, this process requires nothing more than us submitting a short application and attaching some forms. If no one at your school can help you, email us at and we will look into the process. We may find another school in your district has cleared the way for you!

Purchasing Collectives

You may not know that Kesler Science is already an approved vendor with many purchasing collectives. A purchasing collective is a group that a district belongs to where they honor any Request For Purchase (RFP) that is already in process from another member district.

For example, in Texas, we are approved vendors in Region 7  and the Central Texas Purchasing Collective (CTPA). Together those groups cover hundreds of districts.

Not in Texas? No worries! We are already approved vendors in districts all across the country. We are also approved with GoodBuy, which covers groups all over the country. Drop us a line and we’ll check to see whether your school is already approved.

Ask Us!

At Kesler Science, teachers like you are our number one priority. My team and I are here to help you get everything you need to minimize your planning time and maximize engagement with your students. Just ask! Feel free to email me directly with any concerns or questions.

Looking forward to helping you,

Kathleen Malooly

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