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Reflection and Refraction Activities for 5th Grade Science

The resources below will provide students a comprehensive understanding of reflection and refraction. All of the following lessons are also included in the Kesler Science Membership.

The Atoms 5E Lesson includes materials for every "E" phase, including the Atoms Station Lab for Exploration and an interactive PowerPoint with digital INB templates for Explanation.

The lesson also includes introduction materials for Engagement, student-choice project ideas for Elaboration, and assessments for Evaluation.

After completing the Atoms 5E Lesson, students will be able to calculate mass, describe the charge of atoms, identify atoms, and describe the basic structure of atoms.

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Essential Questions and Standards

Below are the essential questions and standards associated with the lessons and activities included in the reflection and refraction unit. This topic is only one of many 5th grade science topics included in the Kesler Science Membership.

Essential Questions
  • How does light energy travel?
  • How can the path of light be changed?
  • How does light behave after striking an object?
  • 5.6 C - Demonstrate that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object and is reflected or travels through one medium to another and is refracted

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