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Informational Text Science Journal

Literacy skills are essential in order for students to build a strong understanding of science concepts. Students need to be able to interpret informational texts, write and explain scientific concepts, defend claims in science, and demonstrate their understanding through multiple means of representation.

We have created the Information Text Science Journal to benefit students and teachers. Included are 40 original text articles covering a wide variety of science-themed topics. These unique articles were written for the sole purpose of building students’ analyzing and comprehension skills.


Differentiation has never been easier! There are two versions of each of the 40 articles included in the product. The grade-level articles are appropriate for students in grades 6-8, or for higher level 5th graders. Lexile levels range from 1100- 1300. There are also modified versions included, which are best for students at a lower reading level.


While students are reading, they will highlight, underline, circle, and star their answers in the text in order to improve their critical thinking skills. A Cornell Note Taking template is also included. This graphic organizer includes three sections: notes, questions, and summary. The students will take notes in one section while reading the assigned text. After reading, they analyze their notes to formulate questions that the notes could answer. Then, they use both the notes and the questions to summarize important ideas. This strategy supports readers in making connections, developing questions, focusing and monitoring their reading, and analyzing what they have learned. Cornell Note Taking is a great strategy to develop study skills, as it creates a built-in study guide. Students could pair up to see if they can answer each other’s questions, and to share their summaries.


With each article, there are engaging, colorful graphics, along with detailed student directions. After the reading, students will answer 5-7 corresponding questions, which also provide an excellent opportunity for enriching classroom discussions. The reading and questions can be completed in about a 30 minute time period. There are also hands-on, interactive projects and activities for students to further demonstrate their understanding in a fun, engaging way. Most of the activities can be completed in one or two class periods.


The Information Text Science Journal can be used in many different ways to best suit your needs. It is great for absent students, students in ISS, extra credit, substitute plans, or whole class instruction. Teachers can use this to create a routine by assigning one article a week or assign them as an information text skill builder.


You can purchase the Information Text Science Journal Here. Everything you need to engage students and improve their literacy skills is included. Just print, and enjoy watching the learning happen!

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