"The [Lone STAAR Launch] was the reason I was able to have such a high passing rate after a shut down! Thank you!"


Professional Development Options

On-Demand Session

  • Included in your purchase price!
  • 1.5 hour prerecorded video session can be viewed at any time.
  • Shows teachers the set-up process and best practices.
  • Access to this PD is valid until the end of the school year.
  • A PD certificate is unlocked when fully complete.
  • Great for teachers who need a quick, on-demand refresher.
  • Also perfect for schools with a few new teachers who haven’t used it before.

Want it all?

The Live Zoom PD option also includes access to the
On-demand PD.

Live Session via Zoom

  • 3 hours of live, remote workshop
  • Hosted by a member of the Kesler Science team on a day and time of your choice.
  • Shows teachers the set-up process and best practices.
  • Walks teachers step-by-step through the process.
  • Opportunity for added advice and teachers to ask questions as they go.
  • Recommended for departmental PD and schools with large numbers of new teachers.
  • Receive a PD Certificate when you complete your session.
  • Includes full access to On-demand PD session.


Start Here for Lone STAAR Launch Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept purchase orders from schools?

Absolutely! Just fill out a quote request form.

What materials will I need?

The Lone STAAR Launch was created with teachers' budgets in mind. Most of the stations won't require any additional materials, but some stations use perishable items and common pieces of lab equipment.

The digital versions do not require any additional materials other than PPT or Google Slides.

Can the stations be done online?

Yes, we have included digital versions of all 43 stations, including the practice STAAR questions.

The digital stations are still engaging and allows students to work independently.

Is the Lone STAAR Launch included in the Kesler Science Lab Membership?

The Lone STAAR Launch is a collaborative project with The Science Duo and therefore is not part of the Kesler Science Membership. All current and future Kesler Science classroom materials are included in the Membership.

Are all of the Readiness and Supporting TEKS covered?

Yes, the 5th grade Readiness and Supporting standards are covered.

How does the licensing work?

Each teacher needs their own individual license. The license allows teachers to use it with all of their classes. Professional development for Lone STAAR Launch is sold separately.

What is the difference between a teacher-purchased license and a school-purchased license?

A teacher-purchased license is paid for directly by the teacher. It is a one-time purchase and the license is owned by the teacher. The materials can be used only by that teacher at whatever school the teacher moves to in the future.

A school-purchased license is purchased for each teacher with school funds. It is a one-time purchase and the license stays with the school. If the original teacher leaves the school, they may not take the materials with them. Their login will be reassigned to a teacher of the school's choosing.